Flappy Bird Rip-offs Flood App Store

It kind of sucks if you’re on the hunt for some new apps at the moment, because unbelievably the trending and new app lists are absolutely flooded with stupid Flappy Bird rip-offs. Are people really that desperate to replace that game? As I’ve mentioned before its no new concept, but so many seem to be acting as though it’s some sort of revolutionary game..

For your amusement I’m going to go through all the games trying to cash in the demise of Flappy Bird, that appear on the trending list in the play store.

For a start there are two “Splashy Fish” games, “Floppy Birds”, “Flippy Bird”, “Flapping Bird”, even a “Flappy Pig” and one actually also called “Flappy Bird” as well.

All those hours of development wasted by developers trying to make a quick buck, instead of spending time trying to produce new, useful apps.

Some try and offer useless extra features or differentiate themselves, like online play or the character moving down instead of up when you tap. Useless. Come on people, move on from Flappy Birds – please!

Or you could grab a phone with the original game on it, for a cheap, cheap price off Ebay!

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