Premier League Darts Week 3 Preview

Robert Thornton v Gary Anderson
Thornton took the fight to a slightly out of form van Gerwen last week but still pulled up short. Anderson on the other hand blitzed Simon Whitlock, averaging 98. The Flying Scotsman is in form while his compatriot is a little below his best at the moment. Anderson to take out a fairly close one.

Dave Chisnall v Michael van Gerwen
Chisnall has had a very inconsistent start to his Premier League career. He should have beaten Wright last week (read below). MvG defeated Thornton but wasn’t at his best. I have a feeling Chisnall is due for a big week and could really take it to Mighty Mike in the game. I’m going to pick a draw.

Peter Wright v Phil Taylor
Last week Wright was in a pale blue colour. It looked weak compared to firey yellow colours from week 1 and each time he played accordingly. Maybe its not face paint and hairspray at all, but actually apart of him, changing colour depending how he’s destined to play. The washy blue Snakebite played absolutely rubbish last week. In fact, I rate it as the worst Premier League game I’ve seen. I’ve never seen so many 1s in my life. Remarkably, Chisnall played even worse for the first part of the match allowing Wright to somehow get to 6. Chisnall then found form and came roaring home to draw, while Wright continued to play crap. He averaged 84. Has Wright fallen over the peak that he hit during the World Championship? Whether it’s yes or no, he’s still going to be no match for Taylor this week, who was again below his best against a classy Lewis last week.

Wes Newton v Adrian Lewis
Wez won 4 straight legs to come from behind and beat Van Barneveld last week. It was a good effort – but Barney capitulated. Newton still only averaged just over 90. Lewis is playing far too well at the moment and should deal with Netwon comfortably.

Raymond Van Barneveld v Simon Whitlock
The Wizard is in a terrible rut at the moment. Anderson was good against him last week but Whitlock just wasn’t able to get into the game and put any sort of pressure on the Scot. During the week he had another loss to a much lower player in the Dutch Masters. Is he going to be able to return to form? Barney is also at risk of slipping into a bad run of form. His finish to last weeks game was a very bad sign and he has a history of slipping into bad patches. I’m going to predict an upset in this one, Barney to struggle and Whitlock to edge him out.

For the record, my tipping results are 3/10. Pretty damn ordinary! Looking for improvement this week!

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