Table Top Racing (Mobile) – Review


This game caught my attention on the Top Free Games list in Google Play due to its obvious similarities to the beloved classic “Micro Machines” series.

And let me preface by confirming that it is simply a really, really big rip off of Micro Machines. Tiny cars racing around settings such as beach picnics, dinner tables and tool benches. Of course in my book, this loses you points immediately.

From that starting point, however, it is mostly good news. The cool graphics and smooth game play is immediately obvious from your first race in the “Twin Cam Challenge”.

The controls are simple – automatic acceleration, all you have to do is steer and launch artillery. There are no brakes! Turning hard and skidding appears to take their place. It adds to the strategy and racing style, but can be annoying at times. Not overcomplicating things for a device is a tough thing to get right and I would say that they nailed it in this regard.

Some of the race formats are a little boring. You just want to get the lonesome one lap dashes and boost-filled speed challenges out of the way so you can get back to beating opponents. Like the later Micro Machines games, weapons play a key role. You can stun, bomb and launch missiles at the computer players.

The journey through the tournaments literally gets off to a slow start. Your default ice cream van trundles along – the initial races are like slow motion. These events are also quite easy. However this picks up as the game goes on.

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