Flappy Bird – Review


The new mobile game Flappy Bird by .Gears Studios appears to have been conjured up by someone who played a bit too much Super Mario and Angry Birds then got high and went to town on some code.

Nothing about this game is original. The graphics are straight out of Super Mario from the SNES days; pipes, landscape and all. Hell, birds are pretty popular these days we’ll throw one of them in to keep up with the times. The bird itself actually looks more like another Mario character, one of those fish from the swimming levels. Whenever you pass a pipe you hear an all too familiar “ding!” which once signified the collection of a coin.

The simple “tap to fly” concept of the game has been done so many times before, Jetpack Joyride and SF Cave to name a couple. Get as far as you can without hitting an obstacle before throwing your phone out the window at the frustration of slightly grazing one with a feather of your wing – the knowledge that you will have to start all the way back at zero just too much for you to retain sanity.

But wait! Re-spawning means you get a DIFFERENT COLOUR BIRD! What a genius feature! Now I die just to see all the pretty colours! What will it be next?? Red, yellow, blue? Maybe soon I’ll be able to pay the developers $20 for a rainbow colour fish – I mean bird.

Flappy Bird’s success lies in its simplicity, like many other games before it. It’s one of those games that is easily comparable amongst friends and quickly feeds on people’s competitive nature. And there is no way to win. You never, ever win. There are always more pipes. So you must keep playing.

I just can’t wait until I can equip Mr Flappy with some fireballs to blast right through those pipes, or for the sequel where Flappy and his friends will return with Go Karts.

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