The Who Review

Heading off to the Who concert yesterday I was really in two minds about what I was about to witness. I was about to see one of the greatest bands in history, one of my favourites and also my favourite song of all time live. But there was always that knowledge that only Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey remain… And they are in their 60s. So even though I had pumped myself up throughout the day and got really keen for it, having not seen or heard anything about their recent concerts I still didn’t know what to expect.

My fears were blown away from the very first song and the fact that I was about to experience something awesome set in. They got straight into it with their first ever hit, I Can’t Explain, during which Pete wasted no time in getting into his windmill like guitar playing antics. The sound was Who 21st century. Roger’s voice is still going as strong as it was in 60’s and 70’s.

They went on to play mainly their old well known hits, only playing two new songs. And it was just fantastic. Townshend is a genius, an unbelievable guitar player and entertainer, I felt privileged to be there watching such a rock legend. Even at the age of 63 he managed to do a bit of jumping around the stage.

Pete kept the crowd amused with funny comments and anecdotes in between songs. At some point he mentioned how good it was to still be playing in front of a packed house in Sydney, that it was tough following the likes of Coldplay and Kings of Leon who had the big stage these days. But I tell you what, I would have payed ten times the price to see The Who than the other two. Think about it like this, for some people at that concert, they would have seen The Who in their prime in the 70s. If you saw Coldplay this year, that would be like going to see them again in 2040. If Coldplay are still around then and still putting on unbelievable shows I will be very surprised.

The Encore was the best part of the night. Townshend – “Thanks for bringing us back out, I’m really glad you brought us back out… Even though we would have come back out anyway. Even if you all packed up and went home we still would have come back out and played!” The crowd went nuts as Pete launched into the opening of Pinball Wizard which was followed by a Tommy section to close the night. The instrumental Sparks was the highlight for me; Townshend played it with such amazing force.

The only thing missing from the concert was of course the people that just couldn’t be there. RIP Keith Moon and John Entwistle.

Oh, and they didn’t play Magic Bus… But you can’t have everything.

Overall, I can’t believe that I wasn’t going to go to that show. Thank God I got given tickets for Christmas. I would have regretted it forever if I never saw The Who live. You have to think that they would be struggling to get to Australia again… Surely they haven’t got long left in them. Now I’m willing to travel to see them again before they are gone. It was half The Who, but it was double the concert I’ve ever seen.

1. I Can’t Explain
2. The Seeker
3. Anywhere, anyhow, anyway
4. Fragments
5. Who are You
6. Behind Blue Eyes
7. Relay
8. Baba O’Riley
9. Eminence Front
10. 5:15
11. Love Reign O’er Me
12. You Better You Bet
13. My Generation
14. Won’t Get Fooled Again

15. The Kids are Alright
16. Substitute
17. Pinball Wizard
18. Amazing Journey/Sparks
19. See Me Feel Me
20. Tea and Theatre

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