Thats Gould

We can’t have footy players stuffing up goal kicks every week, so it’s about time we added a new little segment here to TC Ink. And it will be giving due recognition to a commentator we either love, or love to hate.

While many people out there can’t stand Phil Gould, I personally enjoy listening to his commentary, comments and ideas. He has a fantastic footy brain and can often read situations in games perfectly, giving viewers a good insight into the game. Gus is also not afraid to speak his mind on issues he has with the game of rugby league, such as News Limited ownership and dodgy rules, despite working for channel 9.

Unfortunately for Gus, he doesn’t think before he talks and often comes out with rediculous statements that are stupid and wrong. He also can’t admit when he’s wrong.

But beside all this, Gus entertains us week in week out with expert, extravagant commentary which, basically, can be just plain funny. His trademarks include “No no no no no” and “Dear oh dear oh dear”. Anyway this segment is a tribute to Gus Gould’s corkers in commentary, we present to you: Thats Gould!


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