TC Footy Theory Returns?

A couple of years ago I came up with a theory after noticing a trend in results in the NRL. This theory was basically that when a team thrashed their opponent one week, they would be flat the next week. Whether this was due to a physical reason or a mental reason was not part of the theory (but most likely mental), but it happened often enough. In many circumstances this belief grabbed me some handy tips that others missed out on, but eventually the theory faded into the forgotten.

After the opening two rounds of this year’s footy season, I was reminded of my theory and interestingly enough it has been correct thus far.

To open the season, the South Sydney Rabbitohs handed the Roosters an absolute flogging, not taking their foot off the pedal at any point during the game. So according the TC theory, the Rabbitohs were to be flat in round 2. This was one hundred percent true and although the Eels played well for their win, Souths were flat and despite their decent defense, they had none of the spark they displayed the week before. One out of one for the TC theory.

The other side to score a convincing victory in round one was the Canterbury Bulldogs, and what made this all the more impressive was the fact that it was over last years premiers. Even the wet conditions couldn’t stop the rampant Bulldogs last week. Round two saw the dogs up against the wooden spoon favourites, the Panthers. One would expect another big performance from the Dogs, but the Panthers nearly won the game with the Bulldogs only just stealing victory in the 80th minute. Two out of two for the TC theory.

So now lets put the TC theory into predictive action. The Cowboys had a big win over the Tigers, and they face the Storm next week. According to the TC theory, it’s the Storm to record their second win of the season next week. The Roosters turned around their form from last week to smash Canberra. The Roosters face the Tigers next week, so it’s the Tiges to bounce back.

Keep an eye on this and I’ll be back to report on the results next week.

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