Lyon to be Forced to Stand up for Origin

Manly centre Jamie Lyon has failed in an application to be exempt from playing representative football, meaning that if he gets selected for the New South Wales Blues, he must play for the New South Wales Blues – or be stood down from Manly.

What right do the NRL have to decide this? It seems a bit rough, to be forcing someone into representative football, if they would just prefer to focus on their club. It’s ridiculous that the NRL can do this, in fact, it seems a breach of freedom, or something along those lines, to actually force a player to play Origin.

On the other hand, what is Lyon thinking? Who would turn down an opportunity to play in the biggest Rugby League clashes of all? It is understandable for older players to hang up the Origin boots, if they feel they are just not up to the toughness of the series anymore. But Lyon still has years left in him and is still playing great football – after playing seven origin games in the past, why give it up now? His state may need him for that centre position, Lyon is state of origin material. He is letting the Blues down. Could you imagine Mitchell Johnson refusing to be picked for Australia? Playing for New South Wales is what kids dream about, some players would give anything to play it, but Lyon wants to give it away at 27.

But now that this has all unfolded, would the selectors be insane enough to pick him? He has declared his clear intentions of not wanting to play origin, surely the selectors wont pick a player who wont want to be on the field. It could have a terrible influence and effect on the rest of the team. If the bloke doesn’t want to be there, then don’t pick him, let him have it his way. Pick another player who would be dieing for the spot and would give their all.

Let Lyon put his full concentration into the bottom placed team.

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