Wednesday Snapshot

V8 Supercars: SBR (Stone Brothers Racing) are set to add another talentless driver to their ranks, the word is that Tim Slade will drive a 3rd SBR car next year. The days of unearthing talent such as Ambrose seem to be long behind the Stones, as they stick with average drivers who honestly are not going to deliver them their next title.

Cricket: Star Blues team pile on 420 runs against Tassy, Michael Clarke returned with a century. Star Victoria team falters at 5/178 to the hands of promising debutant Michael Hogan (3/24). As of tea break.

NRL: News broke today about the Eels having to pay $1500 out of their salary cap for flying Fui Fui Moi Moi’s son over from New Zealand. The NRL obviously have rules in place covering these sort of acts, and albeit a kind act and a nice moment, it was still an incentive to Moi Moi. A question posed by the media was how a less than $200 plan ticket turned into a $1500 salary chunk. There must be other expenses they aren’t talking about, to make their stories seem more valid.

Matt Orford has been forced out of Manly and is heading to Bradford. The ESL team were able to lure the ex Sea Eagles over using the money gained from releasing Sam Burgess to Souths. The moves are a huge credit to the Rabbitohs, as they appear to be dictating terms on the transfer market.

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