Lame Journalism Re Test Ticket Sales

Yesterday I noticed THIS article on the Sydney Morning Herald website. It claims that Australia is losing interest in tests, which is shown by the decrease in ticket sales this year.

“Early ticket sales for the Tests against Pakistan at the SCG and MCG are 20 per cent weaker than a year ago…”
Come on you dim witted fools, last year was a hyped up series against South Africa, a rare nation threatening us with defeat and therefore public interest was quite high. This time it is Pakistan. While they aren’t a half bad team, they don’t pose nearly the threat of South Africa last year, so simply the interest isn’t as high so OF COURSE ticket sales are down.

But somehow these poor excuses for journos decide to use these invalid stats to try and death ride test cricket. It seemed to be a bit of a theme this week after Roebuck’s article earlier on.

“The first Test against the West Indies in Brisbane next week is expected to draw 12,000 fewer spectators than Australia’s corresponding clash with the Windies on their 2005 tour here.”
That’s because they are twice as crap now then they were 4 years ago! Plus their captain has gone home now. Interest lowers when there is a guarantee of a walk over.

I’ve also noticed that there has been a lack of promotion for the tests this year. I don’t think I have seen one TV ad for the up coming tests. That also doesn’t help.

It does not mean that our love of test cricket is in dire straits. These guys should focus more on positive articles, analyse aspects that perhaps should be improved such as this article, which is 100% correct. How about talking up the prospect of seeing our next generation pace attack grow and improve on home soil or the heated battled for batting spots. Can Hughes force his way back in? Can Hussey continue his form and hold his spot?

But no, they waste their time with those ridiculous articles. Test cricket will only die if you help undermine and destroy it.

People, grab a ticket to your local test match, watch the Aussies go round.

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