TC’s Shitty Tips

No club games this weekend is a bummer. A weekend without tipping, cheering on fantasy players and of course supporting you favourite club.

So to make the representative fixtures a little bit more interesting, we’re putting up some shitty tips.

Our basic methodology around betting involves finding a good value betting option close to, but not below odds of 2.00 and then doubling up the stake after a loss. Employing this method sensibly and with careful thinking makes it hard to end up with a loss.

Now it’s time to completely contradict the use of the word ‘sensible’ in the last paragraph by revealing that we’re going to get behind New Zealand. Well, not completely, but we can get odds of 2.10 for them to win with a +14 start. The general feeling around this whole rep weekend has been a little dour and there’s a good chance the Aussie team are complacent. On the other hand, the NZ team is basically shit. A 14 point head start is quite large however, so cheering them on to stay within that margin will add some excitement to the match tonight!

Bet number 2 is on Sunday’s City Country game. Country probably have the stronger team, but honestly we believe it is impossible to detect where these two teams are at, in terms of mind-state and preparation. City also have a lot of young guns who will certainly be treating the fixture seriously and giving it a red hot go. Therefore we rate the match as being closer to 50/50. Odds of 2.10 for City to win with a +4.5 start represents good value for us.

So hopefully one of those tips comes off to get us a result from this weekend. Otherwise, bring on round 7!

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