TC’s Footy Theory: Round 6-7

No, we haven’t gone and hidden this under a rock because it was a total flop. In fact, if you look at the first installment and then check the results, you will find that TC’s Footy Theory delivered some predictive genius. Since then there has been some close scores, so there wasn’t really a need to push the theory on inapplicable results.

Anyway, round 6 saw a return to comprehensive victories. We’ll drag out the theory and see how it goes for round 7. First off last Friday night the Broncos ran in a 20 point victory over the Panthers. This weekend Brisbane come up against the more-than-struggling Eels. To be honest, the theory is going to be standing on shaky ground for this game, in fact it probably would be wise to just forget it. Tipping the Eels to win in Brisbane would be far too risky. Lets move on.

This coming round the Cowboys are up against a resurgent Sea Eagles side. Now, the Cowboys had a big win last round – as did the Eagles. The big wins cancel each other out, and means the theory does not apply here. However, despite the loss of Brett Stewart, the Eagles are looking good for this game.

Finally, the Bulldogs belted the Eels 48-18 on Sunday. The Dogs come up against the hot and cold Raiders this Sunday, in Canberra. The theory says the Dogs will struggle in this game. They are due for a off game and the Raiders have looked good over the past couple of weeks. This is a potential special for the theory. Perhaps the bookies have stolen the theory, that would explain why they have installed the high flying Bulldogs as underdogs in the game!

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