Shut Up Telegraph – Clarke is NOT Overrated

I have been a bit slow in addressing this, the news is a little old now, but the smellograph needs a spray for this.

They conduct this survey simply to try and get a useless story out of it.

14% of the people who filled it out rated Clarke as overrated. For a start, that isn’t exactly a HUGE portion anyway. Immediately the telecrap have something to yell about. But wait! If you actually look at all the survey results, you will see that 11% of people rated Clarke as the best Australian cricketer! In 3rd place, behind Ponting and Johnson…

But honestly who would rate Clarke as overrated. In the last 12 months he has averaged just under 60. That is at least 10 more than any other Aussie batsman. Real fans would realise that. Obviously the people who voted for him are mindless idiots, who perhaps are more concerned about his life off the field.

Perhaps the whole problem does rely more on the readers. People actually read this dribble and believe it. People like Ponting shouldn’t even dignify the paper with a response.

The sooner we can get them to print REAL news, the better. But that’s never going to happen.

Maybe they should have printed something about the fact that a lot of the other results have contradicted other news stories circulating lately, such as interest in the tests.

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