Mr. CantMakeTheAussieOneDaySquad Clark Update

I’m going to run with my latest rant for this post, mainly because there have been developments in my opinions favour.

Again the Aussie attack was belted on Saturday night. Henriques did in fact play, which was quite surprising. And what did he do? Got tonked.

Now you may think I’m being a bit harsh on a young bloke making his debut for Australia, so I want you to understand that my problem here is with the selectors for even picking him in the first place.

Meanwhile, Stuart Clark played for New South Wales at North Sydney yesterday. He didn’t take a wicket, but his figures were amazing, 8 overs for 15 runs. That is less than 2 runs an over, in a one day match, at North Sydney Oval! (Which must nearly have the shortest boundaries of the competition). Clearly Stuey is not a one day bowler.

Anyway, Lee is gone for the series, so its time for the selectors to pick up the phone again. The call goes out and who picks up? Its Clint McKay from Victoria! He has been in good form but honestly, how does he go to the front of the queue? Can we get some freaking experience over there? And besides, he can’t leave until Tuesday because he has a Sheffield Shield match to finish.

It really seems as though the selectors have decided “Stuff it, we’ll use this series as a development program. Get a look at a few fringe players, doesn’t matter if India thrash us.” Which is the wrong attitude. We should be trying to win every game of every series, that is the attitude that made us nearly unbeatable for so long.

Also, check out the NSW batting line up. It is world class, 5 have played for Australia. If Haddin is 100% he should be flying back over to India. Hughes would also be a sensible addition to the Aussie batting lineup. Just watch as they absolutely destroy WA in this weeks Shield match.

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