Don’t Even Speculate Over Breaking this Tradition

An article popped up on Cricinfo today detailing the possibility of the Sydney Test being moved from the SCG to Stadium Australia (Homebush).

That’s right, after 127 years of test cricket at the SCG there is speculation that Cricket NSW will throw it all away to move to the cashed up ANZ Stadium. It would mark another wrong decision of complete stupidity made by today’s sports governing bodies. It would break the hearts of all REAL cricket fans in Sydney and New South Wales. We don’t want to watch our at a cavernous, characterless ground (I already have to do that for my footy team). We don’t want to leave all that history behind.

Besides, Homebush isn’t fit to be test cricket venue, the boundaries and far too short and the pitch would be a drop in. It honestly wouldn’t work.

Take a look at some of the dribble coming out of the mouth of the Cricket NSW CEO.

“If you’re a 15-year-old kid, you’ve only ever known big sport events to be played at ANZ Stadium – that’s not meant to be an inflammatory comment, it’s a fact.”

What a load of rubbish. This is about CRICKET, and you ask any 15 year old cricketer of where they dream to score a test ton and they would answer the SCG. Is the SCG Test not a big sporting event? His comment is invalid.

Take a One Dayer or two, have all the Twenty20s you want. But leave the test alone.

Anyway, to put your minds at rest I can guarantee that the test will not move. The SCG Trust would have to really balls something up to lose it. A spokesperson from ANZ Stadium even said they weren’t focused on getting the test. This was just a tiny bit of speculation that has sparked a story in the media and it gave me something good to rant about.

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