Tentative NRL Supercoach Line-up Round 1

TC Ink’s Mustangs have released their tentative line-up for round 1 of the season. We have focused on trying to fit as many stars into the line-up as possible, resulting in plenty of new, untried players making the run on squad.

We are also risking a lack of depth, but we are confident a number of these new faces can become productive Supercoach players.

While many Supercoaches have decided to omit Paul Gallen due to his hefty price tag, we believe it is a mistake to leave out the best player in the game. Barring injury, he will remain in the team all year, so his price tag becomes somewhat irrelevant. It is unlikely his price will drop by too much, he has proven himself to be a consistent Supercoach genius.

As always we are looking forward to cashing in on increases in value from a number of new players to construct an almost unbeatable team by the season’s end.

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Mustangs Supercoach Line-up

Mustangs Supercoach Line-up

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