Covell Award 2013: Shaun Johnson, Round 3

Footy is back for 2013. That means trys. That means attempted conversions. That means failed attempts at conversion. That means the Covell Award.

Covell Award TrophyEven the wannabe Covell Award recipients are out in full force. During the half time show at Souths vs Cronulla last Monday we got to see a promising young man display his skills which could see him have a crack at the Covell Award should he ever actually start playing footy. The porky youngster had won the opportunity to “kick for a car”. His kick was lined up, right in front, 35 metres out. The crowd watched in anticipation, most exclaiming that he didn’t have a chance in hell of making the kick. He charged in with confidence, struck it and barely got it off the ground. It landed before the 10 metre line. An incredible effort by the young lad. The kind man who was representing the sponsor of the competition decided to give the kid another shot from 30 out. Kind my ass, he knew he was going to fluff it, he just wanted to embarrass the poor guy further. The kid decided to remove his shoes and kick in his socks. He focused hard. Again the crowd watched attentively. And it was the same result. A massive fail.

Perhaps he screwed up on purpose and thought that showing his potential skills at a Covell Award would benefit him a lot more in the future than winning a piece of shit Holden Barina.

Anyway, over to the main game. What a way to kick off our search for the 2013 Covell Award winner. New Zealand Warriors halfback Shaun Johnson had this kick to level the game at 16-16 all bro with not long to go. The build up from the commentary team, which includes Andrew Voss, who is so desperate to resuscitate his commentary career that he moved to NZ, is absolutely fantastic. The set up for failure is perfect and Shaun duly delivers. The Warriors went on to lose 16-14. Good kick bro. Enjoy.

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