Australia Test Cricket Guide

October 2014 – “Away” against Pakistan – 3 Tests
I put “Away” in inverted commas here because the matches will be played in the UAE, rather than Pakistan, which unfortunately is still not safe enough to host visiting nations. This will be a tough series. The conditions will likely favour Pakistan’s spinners rather than Australia’s red hot pace attack, putting a lot of pressure on the batsmen not to crumble against good spin.

December/January 2014/2015 – Home against India – 4 Tests
We all know what happened last time India came over. They really can’t perform outside of India, exhibit A the recent loss to New Zealand. Unless they somehow turn things around in the next 12 months, the aim will definitely be a series whitewash here.

May/June 2015 – Away against West Indies – 2 Tests
West Indies are still an ordinary cricket team. Anything short of 2-0 in this would be a disappointment.

July/August 2015 – The Ashes Away – 5 Tests
Then another Ashes series kicks off. This will be a huge series, will England be able to rebuild by then? Will Australia be able to blast them away in England like we did here? Who knows what the state of both teams will be at this point in time.

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