The Bay – The Boys Blog Live from CPCC’s End of Season Trip to Nelson Bay

The Bay. It’s hard to find the words to describe the feeling of stopping the car and setting your first foot back onto the hallowed grounds of the famed PCYC. It’s an annual occasion now permanently etched in Plateau history. It wouldn’t be the Plateau without The Bay, nor The Bay without the Plateau. So many a story can be told from previous weekends at The Bay and so many more are waiting to be created. Now for the first time you can read these stories as they happen. It’ll be as if you’re here with us – and let’s face it, you’d be feeling pretty shit if you aren’t. Let The Bay begin.

9.09 pm

Brick -

There is some seriously amazing ping pong going on under adverse conditions (mainly a shitty ball, poor lighting and a serious amount of alcohol consumed). We decided that every point you lose you should have to drink….. This was a horrible idea as for some stupid reason I played Brodie and Tom back to back and thought it would be funny to make both games go into the breakers… Brodie threw in the towel at 13-12 in my favour and Tom managed to come back and win 14-13 after I tanked 3 serves in a row to let him get back from 10-7 down….. Fucking idiot.

5.35 pm

TC -

Woah. Jesus. So we continue. After watching Bay locals go nutbags at each other last night (while we stole their drinks) and then chinkling till the early hours of the morning, we woke up and were cured by the soothing waves of one mile beach. Well, everyone except Minnett, who still hasn’t made it to the pub.

It’s been a chilled arvo, I cleaned Matt up in pool and the syndicate is going strong. There’s a long night ahead of us,  so stay tuned!

1.09 pm

Brick -

Aaaaaaaaand Minnett has opened the spew account for the weekend. He tried to rally to soon and it all came back to haunt him. He managed to dig a spew hole in the sand and looking on from the touch footy field he appeared to be performing the downard facing dog into his hole

12.15 pm

Brick -

So we’ve hit the beach, a saturday morning tradition in an attempt to recover from friday night. Minnett who normally is the driving force in getting everyone to the beach has opted for passing out in his bed wearing only his towel from his 7:30 shower, not the prettiest sight ive ever seen But thanks to Dunny and his sharing of certain pics not the worst either.

12.02 pm

Brick -

Well fuck me…… Nirav and i arrived at 11:38 only too learn that for some reason known to no one that the venue in which our group was attending had an 11:30 lockout……… what the actual fuck who locks out at 11:30 what kind of place is this. thus began the longest hour and 14 minute wait of our lives.the boys wouldnt leave until brodie scored which based on his level of innebreation his chances of booting seemed much better than actually being able to communicate with a chick let alone pulling her. TC did a few perimeter checks to find a place for us to sneak in but we decided it was probably a bad idea and the fences were really high so we opted for wating. As we waited we were entertained by a punch on between the locals and a group of tourists, who between the 4 of them thought it would be a smart idea to take on the 20 locals. So once they got suitably smacked about and the bouncers dispersed the crowd the boys came out and we ventured back to the pcyc. After a spirited game of cricket in which minnett thought he’d be a smart prick and lose the ball we made the fatal mistake of deciding to play drinking games. We started with chinkle of death, during which pricey took it upon himself to lose as quickly as possible, this mammoth losing streak was going fine until nirav sat down and decided it was his turn to become the next loser. For those who dont know chinkle, the game is basically tapping your glass in sequence around the table while skipping and reversing the direction with different number of taps in the hopes of fucking the person up next to you so they lose and have to drink. at some point during the game i decided that it would be more interesting if i put a pot on my head and bash that with a knife for my “buzzer” which probably explains the splitting headache i am now suffering from…. once chinkle had died off the group thought it would be fun to play what i can only describe as the most confusing drinking game ive ever seen in my life called hands of death. I swear to christ a collective of the smartest minds in the world working together 24/7 would be unable to decypher how that game worked. I cant really be sure i was actually playing but everyone seemed pretty confident that i was losing alot which caused me to smash a few cans in quick succession. 4:30am rolled around at which point i decided that bed was the only smart option left available to me so i called it and that about covers the punish that was last night.

11.30 pm

TC -

Fuck. So we got raped on Blackjack. Brodie botched some Tinder matches (step up Pricey!) and we’re getting fucked on the horses.

On the other hand, Manly lost and remain dead last.

It’s only upwards from here, as the Brick and Nirav are within arms reach.

7.59 pm

Brodie Elliott -

The PCYC is booming as ever and the tinder matches are flying, boy oh boy what more can I say than…. The Bay. After a quailty happy saccing sesh and some cheeky table tennis the group has now made there way to the RSL. The good news is my tinder match has followed suit and has made the excuse of seeing some crummy singer to meet me there. But first there is blackjack to be exploited, after my dinner I’ll be heading down to win my money to sweep her off her feet. I can’t see how I can lose, I’m 21 and I’m playing blackjack!!



5.05 pm

TC -


5.03 pm

TC -


We’ve kicked off at the Port Stephens Go Kart track where I’ve pulled off the major feat of recording the 16th fastest lap of all time.

Minnett set the early pace, leading the first session with a best lap of 27.433.

In the second session Col and TC turned it on, duelling for the majority of the race. While TC wasn’t able to edge passed Col on track, he was the quickest, recording a time of 26.978 on the last lap, to win the day.

TC was then told his time was .004 seconds off being on the leaderboard of the fastest 15 laps ever.

Photo of the times to be posted shortly.

1.49 pm

Brodie Elliott -

1.48 pm

Brodie Elliott -

1.33 pm

Brodie Elliott -

We have set down! Brodez is in the bay and it would be an understatement to atmosphere and weather is beautiful. This town reeks of opportunities and is just begging to be exploited by the groups’ ability to win cash from video blackjack. #table

It would appear I am somewhat early and therefore I have made my way down to Hogsbreathe for lunch, a beer and some cheeku tinder swipes to pass the time.

11.43 am

TC -


Here we come boys

4.26 pm

Brodie Elliott -

Well well we’re back for an action packed weekend. Brodie checking in from Newcastle University on campus accommodation  for the night and in reaching point of THE BAY which I will be travelling to for an expected arrival time of 1:30pm tomorrow. From my calculations I am currently 56kms from The Bay and hence this correlates to the radius of 60km I have set on my Tinder search finding preferences. This will give me some time to scout some matches and build a quality Bay Sure Thing roster.
The drive today was filled with joy, the main lesson I learned was that THE BIG SHOW song can be played 78 times in the car from Sydney Uni to Newcastle Uni.
See tomorrow guys, TGB signing off as he has a free roll poker tournament he plans on winning in Toronto tonight.

9.44 am

TC -

It’s just over 24 hours until some of us commence our journey up the coast.

Known ETA’s for the group are:

1:00pm: Minnett, Col and Arty
1:30pm: Brodie
2:00pm: TC and Pricey
6:30pm: Steve
7:00pm: Nirav
11:30pm: Brick